Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dystopias Past and Future

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Anybody crazy enough to pick a fight with a Witch Doctor should go see a Headshrinker.

governments will shift funding to “climate science” because their “results” justify more government

I agree. Many of us are assuming that the word about the misconduct associated with AGW is getting out and that this train will be derailed. That is even less proven then the impact of Cheryl Crowe's sanitary habits on the habitability of Los Angeles. While some signs are hopeful, such as a lowered profile by Al Gore and the invocation of academic Peer review committees who will generate much natural gas in the whitewashing process, the vested interests are powerful and the stakes are large. It is possible that in a few weeks we will be in a world in which a knock on the door could mean the Health Inspector and the Global Justice and Equity Energy Compliance Inspector have arrived to determine if you are a waste of Carbon.

Robert Reis,
I hereby give notice and copyright that I have a brilliant idea for a play. The year is 1937, the place is Geneva and at a cocktail party we meet the six fabulous Mitford sisters from England and the three fabulous Soong sisters from China. This should generate NEA grants activity and may even get produced, somewhere, sometime, on cable. Musicals, an Opera at least as interesting as the one about Oppenhiemer at Alamagordo, and a video game could follow. The visions are so exciting I am now to tired to write.

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