Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"The other aspect of Afghanistan"

Ragnar D,
If I were the bad guys I would fight a tapering engagement

The Pakistanis are clients of the Chinese and the Taliban are clients of the Pakistanis. The historical model for overthrowing the lackey of Western Imperialism is the Chinese Civil War. Mao and Chou and the CCP got the Americans to back a false period of peace and negotiations while the victorious powers withdrew from Asia. Remember the Soviets actually occupied Manchuria and formally turned it over to their ostensible ally the Nationalist government of China. Then the Communists baited a trap and got Chiang to send the KMT army North into Mukden. My guess is that the Americans will pull out and Karzai will be drawn into Kandahar to be destroyed. If he declines the battle then Afghanistan reverts to a collection of feuding warlords with the Pakistani backed Taliban holding the winning hand again. Unlike the American Democrats these people actually study history.

Regarding the mystery UAV there are three possible explanations that come to mind.
1) Something to do with tracking nukes or refining mapping data for
     future strikes East or West.
2) The war is winding down so everyone in Crystal City with a program
     to justify is pulling things off the shelf and getting them deployed
     under the "only war in town" theory.
3) It is equipped with a Super Secret Birth Sertificat (BS) Detector.

Oslo Burkitt,
How many here at the Belmont Club are willing to pay a “war tax” ...?

I'll play once before I ignore you.
What would I sacrifice to fund a military victory?
1. Health Care "Reform."
2. Cap and Trade
3. Government bailouts/subsidies for the UAW and SEIU and NEA.

That alone should give us enough to triple tha armed forces, especially since doing so will unleash a growth cycle in the greatest source of wealth creation in history, the US economy and Free Enterprise.

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