Friday, December 18, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"A Deal in Copenhagen"

The Chinese take a reasonable approach to this. As far as they are concerned they bought the US government and paid cash for the deal. Why should they get lectured by Obama? The Chinese are in the position of the Lord in his castle or Mr Potter in his bank viewing a delegation from importuning rabble with distaste.

Chavez and his comrades are only held back by concern that if they push to far it might inconvenience their paymasters in Moscow, Beijing and Beirut. Reagan would have known how to deal with him. The appropriate response is targeted but disproportionate force.

Rush had an interesting new item, the Iranians have seized an oil well in a disputed border area. All the rats are now moving to grab the cheese before it vanishes from the table. The Russians must be considering demanding Alaska back. We should remind them that Sarah Palin would come with the deal. Putin may be deterred by that thought.

Excellent points. McCain was correct on energy. Obama has ditched his overseas sponsors for domestic political intrigue.

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