Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat?"

The is the brilliant speechifier we were sold? He reads like everything is in phonetics and the language is Japanese. He doesn't even seem to know what he is talking about. He breaks in odd places where a person who is thinking about the sentence would not. Obama appears disconnected from reality. He went to a meeting without knowing the result. As someone who is supposed to have been a lawyer he should know that is as foolish as asking a witness a question in front of a jury without first knowing the answer. It may be possible at some time for a President to conduct personal diplomacy to achieve a breakthrough on a life or death issue. Any equating of the climate negotiations with such an occasion would in itself be evidence of a delusion. Even if you believed in the underlaying precepts behind AGW theory there was no reason to have Obama do anything other than show up to cut an opening ribbon or arrive to take credit for an agreement that was already in the bag. Anything else is simply insane.

Is he next going to personally sit down with the heads of each State's education department to oversee the rewriting of curriculum? If he decides that the planets biggest problem is the "Digital Divide," and it can be solved by cutting the price of the X-box in half, will he then chase Bill Gates down a corridor yelling "I want to talk to you?"

People like Obama collapse when other people start to ignore them. He is like the bully your mother told you to walk away from. He is already becoming a joke and the late night comics are a following not a leading indicator. They are not brave souls speaking truth to power. They kick dogs who are down.

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