Saturday, December 26, 2009

Debunking the McVeigh Analogy

(fm the BC thread "Over Detroit")

Whatever Timothy McVeigh was he was not a good Baptist. The thing about jihadis is that by the nearly universal consent of the Ummah they are good moslems. Arguments may be made about their interpretation of certain passages in the koran or reliance on particular hadiths and the tactical appropriateness of a given action may be deplored or its impact on other moslems, as being less justifiable than the harm caused to infidels, may be condemned. Their goals, sincerity and conformance to the true spirit of the religion and their inclusion in paradise is not seriously disputed. In McVeigh's case there is no equivalent theology that can be used to accept or even approve of his actions. Anyone who justifies the Oklahoma City bombing does so from a strictly secular perspective or according to the tenets of some cult that is farther from Protestant Christianity than Islam is from Nestorian Christianity.

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