Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,

Mosques in Europe and America are often, maybe usually, funded by Saudi Arabia and occasionally Iran. That money is often filtered through banks in the UAE, including in Dubai. Dubai does not pump oil, they pump other people's money. The logical legal (there's an oxymoron) way to control subversion by paid agents of the Wahabist regime is through a policy of Reciprocity. Sounds poetic, don't it? Non-Islamic activities are subject to restriction in a deliberate policy of public humiliation in Islamic countries. Agents of an Islamic regime should be held to the same standards outside of their country that they impose on others domestically. To be truly equal would mean banning the construction of mosques until churches and synagogues are allowed in KSA. Jews are prohibited from setting foot in KSA, maybe the Saudis are afraid they'll want Yathrib (Medina) back. However let us be more moderate then the Wahabists at the first iteration and only hold them to the standard that the Pact of Omar imposes on dhimmis.

The point about minarets is that they are an explicitly triumphalist device. Since they are designed to humiliate non-Muslims and promote a political party on behalf of a totalitarian foreign regime they should be banned. If the Iranians ever enforce the humiliation and identification of non-Muslims by forcing them to mark their clothes with nazi style badges then any agent of the Iranian government, including anyone who takes their money to act as a propagandist, should be similarly identified.

One result of the Dubai financial crisis is that the supply of money available for Islamic indoctrination and subversion will decline. Islam was an intellectually bankrupt system confined to impoverished backwaters before the infusion of Energy trillions following the discovery of oil in Bahrain in 1932. The Soviet Union was a Third World country, with ICBMs. The Islamic Ummah (as a political project) is an uncreative and oppressive intellectual, economic and moral desert, with vast wealth to prop up its fantasies. If the West had not panicked with the US electing Obama then pro-growth and energy diversification policies would have freed the world from the Islamist yoke. On the one hand Obama's policies, environmental restrictions on nuclear energy and oil drilling and coal production, are subsidies that empower the Russians, Arabs and Venezuelans. His other policies that cripple and shrink the economy, Health Care and Cap and Trade taxes, reduce competition by the West for energy supplies coveted by China. However the same economic decline by the West destroys the sources of the wealth that the energy suppliers feed off of and destabilizes China.

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