Monday, December 07, 2009

Putin's Henchman

(fm the BC thread "The logic of enlightenment")

Mr X
I don’t mean to gloat
Yes you do you lackey of murderous fascist thugs.

Interesting that WaPost piece. Pravda on the Potomac has been one of the most wildly anti-Russian editorial boards in the States, perhaps at times worse than the Wall Street Journal which is in Khodorkovsky’s pocket. Maybe it’s been their op-ed contributor Anne Applebaum being married to the former Defense now Foreign Minister of Poland who used to work at AEI, Radek Sikorski.
It is more interesting that you crawled out to dump your bile on the same day that Anne Applebaum escaped an assassination attempt in Warsaw. Ms Applebaum is now under police guard and I wish her well. So here was another journalist that Putin and company attempted to add to the their long bloody list. So I am calling you out. This is no longer some debate about intellectual constructs and the habits of people in far away countries. This is war and you are an agent of the enemy.

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