Thursday, December 24, 2009

Any Odds for Adults Again?

(fm the BC thread "The thrill of victory or the agony of defeat")

Christian Toto,
Maybe they should change the name again. Global Warming didn’t work ...
Hot Air is taken.

his seventeen year marriage to Darth Vader?
The Secret Service must draw short straws to get assigned to her. If we locked Michelle Robinson Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton in a room together who would you put your money on? She served a purpose as a rally point for whiskey's fan club. Not true Sex in the City fantasy women but the Oprah fans. By that I mean lonely grievance collectors who more than physically are emotionally a size 14 and larger and willing to believe it when a magazine tells them that MRO is glamorous.

his troubles are completing a decade long demolition of the prestige of the American Presidency
The question is how deeply structural are America's problems? There are clearly some weaknesses for the acolytes of Alinsky to exploit. The problems that are manifesting themselves as a draining of American power, the withdrawal of the physical tools, weapons, industry, skilled labor, innovative and risk taking researchers, creative capital formation and plain self confidence, that are needed to successfully engage a world in crisis and defend the fragile gift of liberty from the forces of totalitarianism and thuggery and fraud, are still I would hold largely self inflicted.

If the public turns, a very big if indeed, then America's stature could change dramatically. If the financial crisis was artificially induced and if there was foreign manipulation involved and if that manipulation was aided or instigated by agents of a foreign government, all very big ifs indeed, then the question of debt and the limitations that it imposes takes on a whole new perspective. At this point I think it is even money that in 2012 we may elect a President Petreaus or Giuliani or Cohen or even Dick Cheney or another who would tell the world again that adults are in charge. We could build 12 more army divisions and another 300 ships and 500 F-22s and 2,000 more nuke warheads. At this point I give our odds on doing that as no worse than 1 in 10. There may even be a 1 in 200 chance that something serious unravels the whole administration, not a birther scenario but as power ebbs stories will come out.

If the Iranian regime implodes then the file cabinets in Tehran may not get burned fast enough.

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