Sunday, December 06, 2009

After the Declaration of Breda

(fm the BC thread "Stampede")

I’m up for bail-out tribunals in 2013

Historically some lackeys of an usurper have been allowed to keep their ill gotten gains if they acquiesce to a restoration. In England much of the wealth that had been distributed by Cromwell to the Whig Lords and gentry was kept by them. Some of the displaced old nobility were compensated with lands in Ireland, some were disappointed and other lines conveniently died out. A similar process happened in France where the Bourbon restoration did not mean the eradication of all who had profited under Napoleon. The reason to tolerate the injustice is practical. Where this principle does not hold, as in much of Latin America, violence becomes endemic. Personally I believe that the theft of GM and Chrysler, companies that I had no personal interest in, was unconscionable and that anyone purchasing one of their products is in effect a receiver of stolen goods.

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