Friday, December 18, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"The pointing finger points"

Obama and Hu argue over precedence.

Obama has managed a minor miracle. He installed a socialist government in America that was the dream of the European Left and he has managed to thoroughly offend and alienate the hard core Second International Socialists in less than a year. His conduct towards the British was so boorish and contemptible that the entire country is running to the right and the Grauniad is trying to get their first. The Scandinavians of all people now detest him. He snubbed the King of Norway, his Government Motors auto company just announced that it is killing Saab of Sweden, his Global Warming circus elicited firmer policing in Denmark than any Islamist riot could have. It is icing on the cake that Tiger Woods, who is rightfully viewed as a progenitor of Obama as a media darling, has been dumped by his wife who is moving back to the Old Country.

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