Sunday, December 27, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"Of some importance"

Kae Arby.
My Pet Goat
Bingo. The Left spent 8 years, including recent troll scripting in the BC, attacking Bush for not panicking before the school children and instead finishing his reading after a thoughtful pause, which was disparaged as a "frozen stare." If Obama had been in charge and had a microphone catch him off teleprompter we would have gotten a stirring rendition of "I can't hear you and the people who brought these buildings down will never hear you. Now go learn to staple insulation for a green job."

To a bureaucrat like Napolitano the difference between a good idea and a great idea is;
1. A good idea is one you steal
2. A great idea is one for which you a back date a memo in the file claiming credit.

The only way to get these interchangeable mediocrities who are governing as an assemblage of Tsars to take seriously the public safety would be to strap one, there are enough of them, or at least their blood kin, to the nose of each international flight. If we sent the Safe Schools Tsar to Yemen he could teach them a meaning for "My Pet Goat" that might produce a pro-American movement in the back country. Either that or they may decide that the Great Satan is no longer worthy of kicking around.

This is Clintons response to al-Qeada, they bombed our embassies and the Cole but we didn't give them the satisfaction of trying to root them out. Even Clinton has intimated that in hindsight he wished he had done more. Even Carter would have gone before the public and tried to do his job. Eisenhower could play golf and talk about disarmament because everyone knew that he understood and could fight a war. Besides Ike had the Dulles brothers so both the allies and the enemy knew that we were not paralyzed waiting for the boss to pick up the phone. With Obama the expectation is that the nobody does anything without approval from the White House. That may mean Barack Obama or the troika of Emanuel-Jenrette-Holder. Even if that wasn't true and the White House could delegate we can't trust the authorities to do the job because in every instance for 11 months now Obama's appointments have proven to be disastrous. The initial expectation that Gates would continue to operate with wide latitude has faded. The 8 month delay in issuing an AfPak strategy makes clear that he is now just a gopher.

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