Monday, December 28, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"President Obama urges America to learn"

It isn't what Obama said that rankles. It wasn't untrue on its face. The problem was that the words were being delivered by someone of demonstrated disingenuousness and calculated insincerity. He had his opportunity to connect emotionally with people and he just couldn't do it. He only cares about those who he knows personally. He knows persons but not people, human beings per se are just numbers, not people but The People. A news flash says that he used his motorcade to speed an injured child of a friend to a hospital. Commendable but what if it wasn't the child of a friend?

“an isolated extremist.”
Yes engaging in incendiary auto castration will tend to limit your social life. Will the government propose a program to meet the emotional needs of traumatized castrati? Nancy Pelosi's caucus needs to know.

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