Monday, December 28, 2009

Comment on the Belmont Club
"Spin versus spool"

Napolitano is following the ungulate theory of bureaucratic survival. She has gotten into an assemblage of the incompetents and now she merely hopes to keep a low enough profile so that she can survive. This makes sense because the breadth of the incompetents that have been hired by this administration, the numbers with backgrounds that would normally have excluded them from any position that required a security clearance, is so great that any one can hope to hide in the herd. Napolitano is like the Safe Schools Czar and Geithner and the Media flack who loved Mao and Rahm and the ostensible Boss himself. Individually it is easy to look at each one and say, "No Way." but as a crowd they generate enough dust and noise that they cover for each other. These are the people that you want standing next to you at an inspection.

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