Sunday, December 06, 2009

Problematic Prophylactics

(fm the BC thread "Stampede")

Do you think it is a mere coincidence that ... a Federal Bureaucracy finds another pollutant ...?

That should be known in the literature as "The Polio Problem" or the "The March of Dimes Dilemma." Actually I just made up the terms but here is hoping they catch on. Just because you have solved the problem that induced people to expend time and money on you is no reason to go out of business. The only thing that a bureaucracy is efficient at is self perpetuating.

The only intelligent thing to do with asbestos is to paint it over, to seal it, and then leave it alone. Asbestos was a miracle substance that saved lives if properly handled. If you are caught in a fire you want to find an old asbestos blanket that someone forgot to dispose of. You do not want to open up the emergency use only locker to find a note from Milo Minderbinder at the EPA stating that the blanket has been removed for your own protection. The lower floors of the World Trade Center had asbestos installed. The law changed during construction so none was installed in the top 2/3rd's of the Towers. If the Twin Towers had been built as designed then lives would have been saved.

Forty years ago the Left started a hate campaign against Dow Chemical. Agent Orange does contain dioxins and their use does entail a severe risk of future health risks. As General Healy said to me 30 years ago, "Hell I threw that stuff out of the helicopter door with my bare hands. We had to cut back the jungle. It saved my boys lives."

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