Monday, December 07, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"Directive No. 9"

the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it

That trace for those who "think that there may be some other explanation" is called "The Audacity of Hope."

Journalism began to die when the rewards for technical expertise in managing delivery became greater than those for providing accurate meaningful content. This holds across all media. The high cost and high skill model of traditional media is reinforced by their craft union traditions. In movies we now have craftsmen who can perform miracles with CGI but they don't have a story to tell that anyone cares to pay for. The ideal for the big footprint media is a Spielberg or better yet the Producer/Director in "Wag the Dog", who could manage the wizadry while remembering how to tug the heartstrings.

Experts who can do both are increasingly rare. In fact even as the level of technical craftsmanship at the professional level has increased the access of low cost competition by amateurs has expanded. This has placed the professionals in a trap. Their market share is shrinking and they no longer have the less mechanical skills that would allow them to connect to the audience. No wonder they identify with the image of the polar bear on the melting iceberg.

the soldier will be a recorder and broadcaster of events

Law Enforcement Officers now ride around with video cameras to record what they say. In the worst case it can be used as evidence for when an officer was killed during a traffic stop. Officers get trained, and need more formal training, in how to articulate their reasoning for what they did. Saying "I am an experienced professional and it didn't feel right" is no longer good enough. Under the Obama-Holder upside down world of Miranda warnings for what should be called Unlawful Combatants members of the armed forces may have to travel with video cameras. Getting your version out is important, as the Israelis have learned.

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