Monday, September 07, 2009

Would Barack Fulfill Woody Wilson's Dream?

(from the bottom of the BC "We the chosen" thread)

(who linked to stories about UN shenanigans)
Maybe Obama is hoping to fulfill Woodrow Wilson's unrealized dreams. Wilson was interesting. Unlike BHO he had a great resume. That was because he kept getting kicked upstairs. He was an unwelcome presence around the Court House as a lawyer so he was slid into a job as a Law Professor. He was unwelcome in the faculty lounge and the classroom so he got sent to sit behind a desk as President of Princeton University. The Trustees were soon enough eager to get him out of their hair so he got fobbed of on the State of New Jersey as Governor. Desperate to get him out of town the politicians pulled enough strings to ship him off to Washington as President of the United States. The Senate was on the verge of accepting the Treaty of Versailles so that we could join the League of Nations in the expectation that Woody would leave the country if offered the title of President of the World. That proved more then Henry Cabot Lodge could swallow so he put a fork in the whole project.

Now that we are stuck with the UN anyway perhaps we can talk BHO into considering a move to Secretary General. The job is perfect for him. It is all prestige and no one expects any results. We should insist that he moves to Geneva.

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