Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comment on Power Line Blog
"On Little Green Footballs"

Technically LGF is the best crafted blog site on the web. Charles Johnson could make a nice living if he would just license his model and allow others to benefit from its features. My expectation was that he was going to bring that expertise to Pajamas Media when Roger Simon started PJM. One day we may learn why that did not happen. At some point CJ announced that he would no longer post descriptions of his bicycle rides because he was afraid that people were going to use the information to locate and stalk him. The first indication that things were really changing was when he attacked the nice old couple of the Baron and Dymphna of Gates of Vienna over their linking to European anti-jihadists. It struck me that he might have had a point regarding the Europeans but his evidence was thin, a photo of a Celtic Cross on someone's bookshelf. The resort to guilt by association set a pattern. It certainly was not a correct way to deal with a questionable association by a friend. Regarding the Creationists at first I sympathized with his position because I saw that the Islamists could be using the issue as a stealth vehicle to insert their agenda into the educational system. However the subject did not interest me and the tone of the threads made me avoid them. Knowing where to draw the line on abusive trolls is an art not a science. While I rarely go there now I do link to the RSS feed of the links. Perhaps I will be blocked now also.

Update: Sunday, 09/13/09 I checked around 12:00 and the account was blocked.

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