Friday, September 25, 2009

On an Enemy Within the Gates

Kejda Gjermani/(Medaura at LGF) works as an assistant online editor for Commentary magazine. Her name appears on their online masthead. While Commentary is no longer owned by the American Jewish Committee it is an important and influential voice. That is the place where Norman Podhoretz helped create a revolution. The current editor is John Podhoretz, who I met almost 30 years ago at The University of Chicago. The insinuation of Medaura into a position at that venue is a tragedy. The hateful statements that she has uttered are such that I do not believe that she should be granted United States citizenship. Given her obvious capacity for work and her intelligence and viciousness when thwarted she is capable of getting entry into a media organization and using it for her own purposes. She could turn Commentary as she turned LGF. If anyone connected with PJM can get word to Podhoretz they would be doing him and his many admirers a favor.

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