Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club
"We the People"

For those who know only the campaign but not the craft of governing the struggle is unending. Do not trust the Democrats to accept a check and refocus their efforts on solving real problems. The face of the Democratic Party is Rahm Emanuel in a rage plunging a knife into a table. They will want vengeance, expect every resource at their disposal to be unleashed in "the politics of personal destruction." Further I do not trust them to really abandon the public option. The nationalization of health care is the point of the whole exercise. Everything else is just window dressing to them. Some bills will be produced with a elastic clauses inserted, they could be titled "An Act for Insurance Portability" or "An Act for Refurbishing the Washington Monument" but the important clauses will be buried inside, that will be used to justify setting up committees of best practices and cooperatives of health consumers.

(who wants a new political party, without RINOs)
I disagree. What you are proposing is to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Refuse to talk to or deal with elected Republicans and retreat destroying the Republican Party in the hope that something better will arise on its ashes? That is exactly the same advice that David Axelrod would give us if he logged in here. It is the equivalent of the same attitude that the Left has towards Western Civilization, burn it all down and hope that some glorious utopia replaces it. We have two political parties. We need to rally the support of millions of citizens. This is a Democracy. More to the point; we believe in it being a Democracy. The chants of RINO on this site, and Malkin's and others, are what crippled McCain and allowed Obama, with enormous help from Acorn and the Media, to get into the White House. Those who said that McCain was not good enough were wrong then and you are wrong now.

For one thing conflating Snow with the others is a rhetorical trick to predetermine the result. Olympia Snow is closer to Arlen Spector than to John McCain in her voting record and temperament. Will these politicians respond to serious pressure from below that is phrased in a manner that engages the majority and does not offend them? Probably the answer is yes. It is our responsibility to do the hard work of engaging in local politics, on State party committees, town councils, school boards and election boards, where real control of the political machinery rests in America. It is also our responsibility to be vigilant for efforts by the Left to discredit us either through Moby operations or MSM focus on fringe elements. There are those who will try to hijack the popular alternative to Statism for racist or other reprehensible purposes.

Until now most of the voters have been more afraid of right wing bigots than of left wing bigots. That may be changing. We should not "split the difference" but we do need to assure the voters that we are safe and remind them how, when you strip away the MSM demonizing, just how safe and good GWB was.

While I believe your heart is in the right place I think that your tactics might prove insufficiently subtle or nuanced for a time when we are not in a revolution but engaged in traditional politics, of a sort. If those terms don't get a rise out of you then hurry to a Dr and get your blood pressure checked. The worst thing you can say about most politicians is that they know the craft of reading the public mood better then they know the meaning of the Constitution. In some cases they really do know better but time and process have sucked them in. If people, not just conservative ideologues, but first people offended by corruption and deceit, get control of the local political machinery, then the party leadership, in both parties, will respond and cast out the influence of the Soros/Kos/Move On/HuffPo extremists.

Sep 2, 2009 - 8:30 pm

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