Tuesday, September 08, 2009

On Free Will, the Horror and Film Noir

(from the BC "Here to help you" thread)

(who noted that quoting Van Jones was called "vicious")
The presumption is that the concealed information about Obama, his student papers, the teachers he had and especially the tape of him at the Rashid Khalidi party would be as inflammatory, in his own words, as Van Jones' was.

This leads to an interesting problem. It is really like something from a film noir or horror script. How do you deal with someone who is by appearances rational and well dressed but who you have reason to believe lacks the capacity to exercise Free Will. If Obama is subject to blackmail because of explosive evidence against him then lacks the basic condition needed to be a citizen in a free society. When I see the movie D.O.A. my first reaction is pity. It is a tale told by a dead man. In horror movies the zombies also elicit our pity, they want to be human but they can't. If the first Black President is subject to control because his own words can be used against him then he is morally not a free agent but a slave.

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