Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones, Gone in the Witching Hour

The tossing of Van Jones might be the pulling of the loose thread that will cause the whole cheap suit of the Obama administration to unravel. What is needed is a full court press by Blacks to draw a public distinction between the Communists (no obfuscation, that is what they really are) who hijacked the civil rights struggle and the interests and aspirations of all Americans including people of color. We must break through the MSM wall that consigns groups of people to dependency ghettos.

Maybe, just maybe this is The End of the Beginning.

He vanished in The Midnight Hour,

when they Lost that Loving Feeling.

The MSM are in the position of someone sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming "I am more subtle and nuanced and perceptive and polite then you are and I say there is nothing to see. So there you big fat stupid nazi turd." Once on some sitcom IIRC, possibly on Friends, one of the characters said "I am so not a Princess and I absolutely forbid anyone to say that I am." That character is now appearing on Meet the Press.

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