Monday, September 07, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"I had a dream"

If you believe that wealth is not created but simply exists to be summoned by a bureaucrats pen then it follows that there is no good reason that some countries are poorer then others. That leads to the position that relative poverty must be caused by some outside agent that is imposing deprivation. Leftists sincerely believe that everyone in the world could attain their rightful aspirations if the United States, sometimes the US and the UK, were not preventing them. The final conclusion of this thesis is that anything that drains resources from the Anglo-American industrial-financial war machine will increase global freedom and wealth. Therefor policies are advocated, like Cap and Trade and debt creation, to deliberately deny the armed forces future resources.

In the socialist paradise soon to come the peoples of China Iran, Palestine, Bolivia and various other progressive havens will be able to express themselves unconstrained by threats from Uncle Sam. The verbiage about Global Warming is largely just hokum for the masses given that socialists have a far more destructive view of the environment than capitalists do. The fact that there is little evidence to support these ideas, and much evidence to the contrary, is completely irrelevant. Like an animal with grey skin and a big nose the irrelevant fact that collectivism destroyed the environment and that the people under its control are not allowed to express themselves, authentically or otherwise, is completely ignored.

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