Sunday, September 06, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club
"Digging our own graves"

this group is much larger than likes of Moore

Nothing is larger than Moore. He is worldly. That is to say he measures larger at the equator than at the poles. His attraction is beyond magnetic, it is gravitational.
/snark off. He deserved that.
As a Labor Day note Moore is also a very bad employer. Leftists often are. Did Acorn pay their election day foot soldiers yet?

One recurring theme (ed: Or is that a motif?) (LoTM: Shaddup) I see in our dealings with the Left is that of "debasement." Just as the Left naturally proposes policies that will debase the currency they also tend to use and then debase people's faith in other essential pillars of a prosperous society. One of those pillars are the self regulating nature of a professional community that adheres to a code of ethics. In a successful free society this tendency of self identified specialists to adhere to a code and hold themselves to high standards becomes a key support to the maintenance of independent associations that can lower the costs of obtaining reliable information in the public market. This reinforces Tocqueville's web of voluntary associations. We have seen a corruption of these standards for political ends in profession after profession. Scholarship, finance, teaching, law and even medicine have been compromised. Once the public can no longer rely on the presumption that members of a specialty are held to a higher standard then their value depreciates, it becomes debased like a counterfeit coin.

(who considered the mathematics of an uncelestial body)
I'm just saying that if they ever put MM into orbit it would probably shift the center of axis for the Earth-Moon system with unforeseeable affects on global climate change and sea levels. If MM and Al Gore both were launched into space it would be The End of the World, as we know it. Perhaps the Russians have a lift vehicle? Contemplating this, I feel fine.
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