Sunday, September 13, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"Secret ACORN"

Once I was at a Step 2 Grievance Hearing to dispute a classroom evaluation. The hearing officer actually said to me, "Truth is not a defense."

Most businesses or government entities now have something in the HR manual that forbids employees from secretly recording a conversation. The only truth permitted is the official truth it exists solely at the whim of and to serve the purposes of authority. This is the assumption of Divine authority by a minor Cleric. The MSM have switched roles and revel in the power of being the 4th branch of government. They want to see upstart rivals crushed by their allies in authority.

the arrogance of office

On a ship you can adjust the range displayed on a radar repeater. Normally you keep one surface search set around 5 or 6 miles so you can track the contacts. What you are looking for is evidence that one of the contacts has the dreaded condition known as Constant Bearing Decreasing Range (CBDR.) Once I remember that it was pretty busy out there and we had lots of little lights on the horizon to keep track of. When I glanced at the repeater I discovered that one of the troops had reset the range down to 1 mile. That made his job much easier with many fewer contacts to track. Of course any that did show up would be real close and big and dangerous.

Journalists should not have any more rights than regular citizens do and regular citizens should have the rights of journalists.

The real problem with official truth is when it isn’t true.
Once again I urge everyone to read Vaclav Havel's New Year's Speech. Just look out the window.

(who commented on a quote from Acorn's Chief Organizer)
The term "international conglomerates" reeks of anti-Semitic associations. It has echoes of "Cosmopolites" and "International Jewish Banking." The hard Left and their media agents are now deeply vested in a series of paranoid fantasies. When John Stossel completes his move from ABC to Fox I wonder if he will feel free to speak of what the work atmosphere was like across the street from Lincoln Center. We should not however make the mistake of over estimating the roles of Fox and Newscorp or investing to heavily in the personality of Mr Rupert Murdoch. He is a businessman with his own interests including ties to China.

What we all pray for is a spontaneous eruption from within the Black community that rejects Acorn and all it represents. It will not happen and America has been waiting desperately for it.

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