Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"Here to help you"

LoTM in '10, a Czar for the Little People.

Obama has reduced the awe of the United States to the status of a Seinfeld skit. This is the Festivus of government. With a few exceptions these are a collection of has beens and never beens. The regular bureaucrats should be jealous and furious. The Democrats have set a precedent they may regret. The idea behind the regular civil service was rigid adherence to procedure and reduced compensation in return for tenure in office and a generous pension. The rationale for that system needs to be reexamined. Civil service pay on average in 2006 was $65,516 for 1,674,026 federal civilian employees. Go to OPM.gov and get the Fact Book. It may be more rational to move to a system with no deferred compensation for civilian employees.

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