Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comment on Gates of Vienna
"Bringing it All Back Home"
On Congressman Joe Wilson

Did Joe Wilson owe an apology or was he owed one? The rules of hospitality are important to me. They are reciprocal between a guest and a host. Barack Obama was present in the House of Representatives last Wednesday as an invited guest. The presiding officer of the House, who may be loyal only to the Constitution and to the House, admitted him and vouched to her members for his good conduct. While present as her guest and the guest of the House as a whole Obama violated the rules of courtesy by engaging in personal attacks on Mrs. Palin and on some members of Congress. To be clear about it he fairly unambiguously called them liars for saying things about his favored plan, which he had deceitfully failed to acknowledge as his own until that moment, and which have proved to be correct. He then proceeded to tell a series of falsehoods so outrageous that even the AP ran an article pointing that out. What Mr Wilson should have done, according to Rpbert's Rules of Order is raise a Point of Personal Privilege as any member may rise to defend the decorum of the House.

Mrs Pelosi owes Mr Wilson an apology for bringing a person of such low character into the House.

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