Saturday, September 12, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club
"September 12"

Leo Linbeck III,
(who invited bloggers to a meet up in Houston)
I will be with you in spirit and my spirit likes dark or weiss beer.

Regarding the Troll. That was a communicated threat and as such actionable. I hope that the blog and site owners take appropriate action in defense of their business and customers.

There is in my mind a thread linking this and the last post. At least that is my story for posting prematurely there and I'm sticking with it. What the Right, really that does mean the Republicans whether or not people are happy with that fact, can do for the first time since 1994 is form that most un-American activity, a shadow government. We need to not only prepare to take back power but our representatives at all levels must push to attain and wield power, not in partnership with Obama but in despite of him. With hard work, luck and a good wind we might see Obama and company cut out of the equation. I want to isolate and marginalize the friends of the hated Rahm Emanuel, and to do that we need allies.

If this spreads and the Blue Dogs defect, then it is possible that by Spring we might just cobble together a new Congressional majority. That will probably not lead to impeachment unless some catastrophic event occurs or evidence of gross crimes can no longer be suppressed. But it may allow patriotic forces to regain control of enough levers to ensure the prosecution of the war and stop the looting of the economy. Once the tide begins to turn it may run out fast and it is possible that fear will no longer hold the allies in place for Obama and evidence of past and present crimes may emerge.

So I advise to take counsel of our hopes as well as our fears and, even though my concerns over the logistical trap in Afghanistan are on record, that we provide leadership and advocate for fighting the war with only one goal in mind, victory.

all that is required is for Republicans to win back the House and gridlock sets in
You must be an Economist, "First assume that we have a can opener."
Your lips to God's ears.

The question is, which is strategically a better choice?
1) Hold out for a year in the hope of electing an ideologically purer Congress, in the face or hundreds of billions of Acorn type slush fund dollars and paid union supporters that BHO has to play with thanks to the Stimulus and auto seizures and SEIU. That will mean accepting all the possibly irreversible damage that BHO is planning before the 2010 elections. TXProle and Mark Steyn are right about the danger.

2) Make an alliance with the Blue Dogs and try to shift the balance of power away from Pelosi during the coming year. At this time the Republicans would have to peel off 39 Democratic Congressmen to reorganize the House. That is a tall order. It might be possible to win over enough to take effective control of the legislative process at the committee level. That will mean making some deals that the purists among us will hate.

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