Saturday, September 19, 2009

Comments on PJM Ed Driscoll
"President’s Racist Past Tossed Down The Memory Hole"

Carter is a repellent little man. Not so much in physical but in emotional stature. He must have been a joy in a submarine's wardroom. It surprises me that Admiral Rickover let him into the nuclear service. It surprises me even more that he passed the psych-eval.

By some accounts his wife is worse. I once did my reserve drills with a Naval Intelligence unit at NAS Glenview Il. That is one of many bases that no longer exist. About 22 years ago it was so hot that Vice President, George H.W. Bush flew in to give a check to the Governor, a yet to be indicted Big Jim Thompson. Note that almost all Illinois politicians had names like Big Jim or Fast Eddie in those days. The C.O. said "Now if all you junior officers want to go see the Vice President ..." So we stampeded out of the door before he could finish. Almost everyone in our unit were some kind of Federal Law Enforcement so the Secret Service guys were unusually chatty while we were waiting for the VP. They told us that if they had a guy who needed an attitude adjustment they would send him down to Plains Georgia to wash Rosalynn's car for two weeks and he would come back a happy camper.

They also told us that they adored Bush Sr. who was a real gentleman. He was always the Boss but one who knew how to treat the staff. That was confirmed when the plane landed and after Barbara ran into the waiting air conditioned limo the Vice President came over in the 104° heat to talk with us for a few minutes. It turns out that Glenview Illinois was one of the many places that he had been briefly stationed at after getting shot down.

Since then I have had occasion to talk with many USSS agents and they have confirmed these impressions of both the Carter and the Bush families. Rosalynn may have slowed down since then but Hillary more then fills the role of punishment detail. I have no information on what it is like working with Michelle Obama.

On four occasions I have met Hillary Clinton and I share the low opinion of her that I have heard from USSS agents.

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