Monday, September 21, 2009

The New Woodrow Wilson

(from the BC thread "What's up doc?")

Das and Herb,
(who think that BHO is unstable and does not want to be POTUS)
Regarding the role that Obama sees himself in and his stability under pressure. The President that mostly closely resembles BHO IMHO is Woody Wilson. WW came close to being kicked upstairs to President of the World and only failed when Henry Cabot Lodge balked at the Treaty of Versailles. That precipitated his collapse and a period in which the administration was effectively in the hands of his wife Edith and his physician Grayson. In his private nightmares Obama might blame Ted Kennedy for dying before the Health Care bill came to a vote as a similar frustration. If he does collapse under the pressures of the job I pray that we will be spared government by Michelle.

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