Monday, September 28, 2009

Implausible Deniability

(from the thread "Ultimatum est")

luddy barsen,
(who thinks Iranians may use missiles as a ruse and smuggle a nuke)
There are no end to the iterations you can put that train through. What if they are only pretending to pretend to be apocalyptic so that less crazy technicians collaborate on the missiles project expecting the real bomb to be delivered by small boat? What if the small boat or camel herd smuggler thinks that the real weapons are being prepared for delivery by missile and do not know that they have the genuine dingus? Remember that only the four pilots on the 9-11 hijacking teams knew that they were on one way missions.

We will only be safe when the study of Twelverism is like the study of Carlism or the study of the Cult of Kali. That is something used to inspire improbable adventure movies and to provide thesis fodder for graduate students cultivating obscurity.

We live in a world of mass communications. That means that diseases of the body or of the spirit can climb out of unfumigated holes and spread around the globe.

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