Thursday, September 10, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"Recent Afghanistan news stories"

My observations are leading me to the conclusion that Obama & Co. (A member of The Soros Group, LLC) are deliberately attempting to break the US Army. Just as he is europeanizing our domestic economy and dependency on government he is also bringing European standards of war-fighting to the DoD.

The motivating concept behind the Common Market ⇒ European Union was to draw the teeth from the Germans so that they could rejoin the human race and the French could feel safe. The Lion was convinced to lie down with the Lamb. That was all well and good as far as it went but it only worked as long as the American sheep dog was around to watch out for wolves and bears in the woods. Unfortunately the virus of resentment and the Free Rider Effect spread throughout Nato. Now the US has been lead in to join the rest of the old and toothless pack in a nice nap by the fireplace. But there will be no one to tend the fire now and as it dims the eyes in the forest will notice. Behind those eyes are teeth and empty bellies.

(who expects Europeans to expel recent immigrants)
Agitation by a few fringe parties that echo the memories of the hate speech of the past will do nothing but alienate or further confuse and endanger the European masses. If you could give credible evidence that the Europeans are committed to the values of their own civilization and pressing to expand the sphere of individual liberty I would be more hopeful. As it is the extreme nationalists are collectivists and often anti-Semites who are as likely to flip to an anti-American alliance with Islam as not.

I agree with your more hopeful view of the future of technology. Why would you think that it would work for 40 million moslems migrate to new verdant plains? Their cultural legacy is an expertise in making blooming fields into deserts.

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