Thursday, September 03, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"Betting on red"

Of the six threads that Wretchard has graced us with in the last two days this is the most important. Indeed this may be the key information that can yet save us from a looming disaster. Every effort will be made to suppress this knowledge.

I forwarded the Telegraph article to my mother in Florida with the following description.

Please read and share without sending my email addy to strangers. The thing to remember is that once anything is controlled by the government then there is no way to prevent abuse, incompetence or corruption from taking over. We must prevent the efforts of the SEIU hospital workers union and Obama to push through socialized medicine in America. This has nothing to do with improving health care and it has nothing to do with saving money. In fact it will reduce the quality of health care and it will cost the tax payers Trillions of dollars that we can not afford. This is a naked grab for power and effort to reward his supporters. Just as he used a manufactured crisis to seize control of GM and Chrysler and give them to his supporters in the UAW he now is attempting to foment a crisis and use it to take control of another industry so that he can give it to his supporters.

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