Friday, September 04, 2009

Life is Choice

Follow on to "After the gold rush."

(who knows others envy America's Wal-Marts and dead end towns)
The Left denigrates labor. Their insecure exaltation of a TV world populated by either Knowledge Workers or whiskey's granite counter top consuming urban sluts makes them fail to comprehend why 98% of humanity when given the chance chose to move to isolated wildernesses or into urban slums. People sought out jobs doing backbreaking manual labor in isolation or toiling in dark satanic mills.

The entire field of Economics can be summed up in two sentences.
1) Life is about choice.
2) The only real costs are opportunity costs.
All else is commentary.

Why did people choose to move into these places that that the Left would only want to visit on a TV screen or as part of an exotic adventure tour with a 5 star hotel at the end of the trail? Unless you were living out the script t of the old sitcom Green Acres it wasn't an aesthetic choice. People moved to these places because it beat the alternatives. People moved willingly into the slums of Manchester to work in the mills because it was better than starving on a farm. People moved willingly to the wilderness of Kansas because it beat starving in Manchester.

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