Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"A whole new world"

I still miss the NY Sun.
We do need editors in life. That is why God created women. What we don't need are multi million dollar anchors.

In the future publishers will be aggregators of independent agents. They can buy a feed from Michael Yon in the back of beyond or from two plucky kids in the Acorn sewer next door. The next week someone else will get to hire the talent. This model could resemble at its worst what happened to the film industry after the studio system collapsed and projects became the creation of a web of agents and independent craftsmen with the old studios becoming distributors. The cost of distribution however is falling even faster now and the costs of production are also declining so as to eliminate any role for a Miramax of internet news. The limiting factor is in fact the time available for the consumer. That is why credibility is important. The producer/publisher/aggregator may hire editors to enhance their products prestige and rise above Drudge level in reputation. That will be a market decision. If Tom Brokaw wants the job of reading and evaluating clippings for his boss's newsletter then he could apply. The job will probably pay around $12/hr. In fact it sounds like the job Barack Obama had after college.

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