Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club
"The central blue"

Salami tactics? Didn't they justify cutting the F-22 by saying the F-35 was good enough? Now the cut the waste in "unproven systems" crowd are after the F-35. Starting yesterday we should build 500
F-22s and 3,000 F-35s.

Relating to what we discussed on an earlier thread, if the Republicans had fought to the death against the false promise of the "peace dividend" they would be in a much stronger position electorally. Instead they agreed to split the pork barrel with the Democrats. This fed left wing constituencies disproportionately. If we had kept a 500 ship Navy and cut steel for tanks to equip 28 Army Brigades plus 7 Marine Brigades and rebuilt the Air Force then the blue color industrial labor workers whose unions control the Democratic Party would be personally more sympathetic to the Republicans, and their unions and the Democratic Party would be far less sympathetic to the extreme left.

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