Monday, September 21, 2009

What Makes Georgie Run?

(from the BC thread "What's up doc?")

I think Soros is in it for the money only, and doesn’t give diddly-squat about things that go boom.

That is an assumption. Soros has many motives and links. The ties to ideological movements and shady global actors may be an indulgence and a cost of doing business that follow from his commercial interests. They may also be the motivation behind his financial activities. Postulate the worst case that Soros is a planted agent of influence recruited by the KGB who spotted him following his ambivalent performance as a jew who collaborated with the nazis. It would fit the pattern for such agents that he became self funding and then used his influence to weaken America. That is not to say that I am endorsing that theory. It merely means that whatever view we take of a person like Mr Soros must be based on what we can learn of his past and what we see as the consequences of his activities.

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