Monday, March 08, 2010

To a Paleocon

(fm the BC thread "Blue Plate Special")

(who declared the America First Isolationist position to be a "rule")
New rule

Old answer. No.

The only one who is trying to limit liberty around here is you. My first principle, among many first principles, is to distrust anyone and discount their opinions if the first thing they say is that they have a first principle that excludes all other opinions from the conversation. That is a technique favored by the PC police of the Left.

So I will continue to speak up for a brand of politics that is rooted in a faith in American Security, Free Enterprise, a civil and law abiding society that values individuals, and engagement with the world. May that interaction be peaceful and productive when possible but I would rather we fought than retreated when challenged.

If you don't like it then I suggest that you either use Tocque to ensure that you only see what you agree with, which will make I suspect for a very small page indeed, or use the red X to the upper right or red dot to the upper left.

Perhaps you may want to try again on a new thread by supporting your ideas rather than denigrating those who disagree on a particular point? This is really a very stimulating and insightful community.

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