Monday, March 22, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Someday I'll Meet You Again"

Americans are a nation of William Shatners
Shatner is I believe an American citizen but he was born a Canadian.

would be very interested to see mortality/morbidity schedules for segments of the political spectrum

John Edwards was right. At least he convinced Barack Obama to follow his ambulance chasers model of America. There are Two Americas, one is full of productive people who are generally pretty healthy and often do not need much in the way of non-catastrophic insurance. The other is both unproductive and addicted to every conceivable pathology that the mind of man can conceive.

If Zeke Emanuel's Death Panels really did allocate care by identifying key variables that indicate a propensity to both increase the costs to society while simultaneously generating a significantly below average level of wealth then he would perforce have to deny care to the key constituencies of the Democratic Party. Just as the key to winning an election is to staff the panel that counts the ballots the key to surviving politicized health care will be in having allies staffing the administrative agencies that this program will breed. The arbitrariness on its face, to mask thinly the bias as a principle within, that "Net Neutrality" will bring to the Internet is a dry run for the contortions that will be used in the name of fairness and cost savings to justify unfairness and corruption to support the profligate.

The constituents of the Democratic Party are the people who elected John Conyers and John Dingle. They are the retirees of the UAW. To save them from the consequences of destructive behaviors that were chronicled by Arthur Hailey in Whells the Democrats first stole two of the Big Three auto companies and gave them to the union. Then they attacked Toyota in an orchestrated campaign to reduce competition. Now they have chained the rest of the country to pay for the health benefits of these people and their supporters.


(who has family and gender issues)
The great thing about America is that everyone gets to choose who or even what they are. Barack Obama chose to be a Black American, although he arguably is not. Your mother chose, despite the minor evidence of her skin color, not to be a member of the majority culture and sought out men who fed that condition of dysfunctional dependency. You can if you choose seek out a better mate and raise functional children. The world is really recreated if you try hard enough. It is not a question of pigmentation.

Part of the culture that we hope you aspire to be part of, even if your mother failed to, is to often couch even our cries of pain in terms controlled enough to ensure that the meaning within the message is not obscured.

(who also argues for a scorched earth policy towards Democrats)

Don’t expect any sympathy for no child support

You ruin your argument by negating your moral credibility. Does a man need to feel any obligation to support a government entitlement program to care for the dysfunctional mother and her brood? Clearly to most here the answer is that he does not. The corollary of that is that the same man should feel some personal obligation to be kind to the child as an individual human being. A man should also feel a strong urge IMHO to punch the neglectful father in the nose.

I am confident that General Curtis Lemay would have picked up a crying child without regard to its race even while ordering the obliteration of that child's home and family. The horror of the Nazis was not that they fought using the V-1 and the V-2 but that they could meet children and mothers as individuals and even speak softly to them and then kill them. Mohammad Atta did not earn his place in Hell by demolishing a building but by killing the women and children who were on that airplane with him.

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