Monday, March 15, 2010

Comment on WaPo, Howard Kurtz:
"The Beck Factor at Fox"

This is a largely manufactured effort to create an issue where there is little behind it. As such it is an old media hit piece that does more to hurt the credibility of the Washington Post than of Fox.

Some anonymous staffer feels slighted or saw a rehearsal? Why didn't the WaPo editor just draw a line through that? The article does say Beck works in a different building, so that makes the staff gripes even more meaningless than usual.

Beck handled Couric well. The point he made was that the racism and obsession with "white culture" comes from Obama and his supporters, not from Beck.

Hannity, Limbaugh, Levin, O'Reilly and Beck are not functioning as Journalists, and do not pretend to. They will compete or cooperate and occasionally rub up on each other. They will all have relations with management or the News staff that ebbs and flows. The Post and Kurtz trying to make more out of it as if there was a serious journalism issue here only hurts your credibility.

CNN wishes they had some way to bring eyeballs to their news efforts and MSNBC wishes they had something. Will you now explore the implications of Rachel Maddow being provocative or compare her impact to that of the Fox lineup?

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