Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Leak Inquiry

(fm the BC thread "Into the Memory Hole")

Add this to the catalog of great white-washes in history.
AP: "UK 'Climategate' inquiry largely clears scientists."

For the AP this was a balanced report once you get past the lede.

Lawmakers stressed that their report — which was written after only a single day of oral testimony — did not cover all the issues and would not be as in-depth as the two other inquiries into the e-mail scandal that are still pending.

Willis said the lawmakers had been in a rush to publish something before Britain's next national election, which is widely expected in just over a month's time.

"Clearly we would have liked to spend more time of this," he said, before adding jokingly: "We had to get something out before we were sent packing."
There is nothing to see here. You may count on the superior learning of your Lords and Masters who have conducted a thorough internal review. There is no need for a formal public inquiry.

Lord Denning did better.

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