Saturday, March 13, 2010

Awaiting the African Chinese Gordon

(fm the BC thread "The Age of Faith")

Jonathan Rubinstein,
NGOs, run by agnostic lawyers are useless cyphers

Welcome to the conversation. This is the exact moment when leadership to mold the masses whose populations are doubling and who are grasping for answers is desperately needed. You are correct that NGOs cannot do that job. That is the point I made on the "Nothing is Written" thread. Unfortunately this is the exact moment when the concept of Leadership to strengthen democratic values has been abandoned by many conservatives in the West, they are distrustful with reason of the thin edge of the wedge for Statism, even as the institutions and values of the West are under attack from the Left.

A great opportunity is being lost because the educated post Judeo-Christian people of Europe and America have declined to unite with Israelis and the masses in Latin America, Africa and Asia who seek an alternative to the arid materialism and ethnocentrism of China's post Maoist fascism or the impoverishment and obscurantism of Islam. George Bush tried to rally the American people to the cause in language less declarative than that which had been used by Teddy Roosevelt a century earlier and he failed. Perhaps in 20 years what Kipling called "The White Man's Burden" will be carried by Black Men bringing the message of Law and Liberty from Africa back to England and America.

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