Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The More I See You"

Lockheed thinks that it has belled Schrodinger's cat?

This may work or,
This may be an artfully worded way to keep a lab open doing regular stuff or,
This may be genuine magic, as in "Watch the Magician's left hand and your money will disappear like magic."

If this radar really could detect the influence of the shadow of the penumbra of a ghost at a distance by untangling faster than light threads then it could find many things.

It could untangle the location of the hidden quality of privacy whose penumbra was discerned by Justice Brennan in Roe v. Wade.

It could unbundle the tangled assets within a subprime loan based security sold while Geithner was at the NY Fed.

It may even detect where a Fashion Week model's $300 meal went.
It would be nice to think that a longer lifespan would mean an improved quality of life. If instead we have 5 billion 200 year old Boomers hanging around then some Cosmic Pest Control Service may take an interest in us.

BTW, wrote this and then read Walt. Great Minds etc.

Armageddon Rex,
more in line with Obamassiah’s goals than funding ... the F-22!
You are behind the times. Not funding the F-22 was last month. This month they are busy laying the ground for not funding the F-35. In May we will start the debate on "How many aircraft carriers do we really need?" Maybe instead they will start an argument that if the Army was really professional they wouldn't "waste" their ammunition, so why buy expensive semi-automatics and excess expensive ammunition? Now I know it is hard to keep up but you don't want to be the sad character at the cocktail party still babbling like Cindy Sheehan about last years cause?
/sarc for those who need to be told.

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