Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comment on BBC, Have Your Say:
"Is the financial plan to help Greece a good one?"

Greece is an example of what Socialism gets you. The only things that government should do are National Defense, maintaining a sound currency, and the administration of Justice. Almost everything else is guaranteed to become corrupt and inefficient when done by the government. The Greek Civil Servants produce almost nothing of value. They keep on looking for new victims to fund their nest feathering. The same thing is happening in other countries. Tax eaters in England think that the EU will mean that someone someplace will pay for them just like the tax eaters in Greece do. Each knows that the well at home is dry but they assume that if they swap victims or talk the Germans or Americans into being the suckers then the bill will be picked up.

If you met a man who tried to talk you into investing in a company that was going to sell automobiles for less than their production cost you would ask how they made a profit. If they answered "We make it up on volume" you know that they are criminals and they think that you are a fool. The Socialists are running the same intellectually bankrupt scheme. They tell people that economically irrational conduct can work if only the volume of people participating in the scheme is so large that unsuspecting suckers from some other country will pay the bills. That is like turning your finances over to Bernie Madoff. One day you will wake up and discover that the money is gone.

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