Thursday, March 04, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"Who'll go under the bus?"

Eventually they want to figure out how to sell everybody to everybody.

In front of the Breckinridge House dormitory at the University of Chicago on the East end of the Midway Plaisance is a statue of a Czech warrior put up there in memory founding President of Czechoslovakia Thomas Masaryk, who had taught at the University. It was placed there after his son Jan managed, with the help of the NKVD, to throw himself backwards from a window in the 3rd Defenestration of Prague.

The list of people interested in seeing the Iranian refined fuel storage facilities and power distribution nodes destroyed is long enough that, like with the killing of the Hamas agent, it is at least plausible to speculate that there might be either Israeli or Saudi agents behind any event. Are the interested parties delayed, in some rendition of Alphonse and Gaston, by the hope that each will do the work for them? Will some comedy ensue when agents from five different organizations show up at a target simultaneously?

The solution to Gaza is to squeeze the toothpaste from the tube.

Just had an entertaining hour trying to find the right clip from Get Smart that would go with my point about the full cavalcade of world intelligence agencies meeting over Iran. No joy unfortunately but it is the healthiest way to view the approaching disaster.

Brazil’s attitude is nothing new. Several years ago they were tossing Americans in jail or abusing them at the airport in some parody of or retaliation for TSA. The State Department swept that under the carpet.

Old Salt,
(who asserted the primacy of American power)

Your assumption of competence or good will on Obama’s part is a reach given his record. It is not necessary to subscribe to whiskey’s whole thesis to see the risk to shipping in the Straits and the overall vulnerability of the Sunni regimes leading to higher oil prices. The interests of the Russians and the Chinese are opposed to ours and we have been in a needless retreat. Israel may act but it is very deep in their reflexes to not conduct strategic warfare against the hostile civilian population.

Personally I would do some demonstration to convince Assad that the first thing that happens is the elimination of the two villages that the Alawites come from.

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