Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:

After this Circus leaves town the only job available will be cleaning up.

If the British were to swallow their pride a little it would be wonderful if they hosted a Conference of the Rejected. They are good at throwing such a party. It could be like the Salon of the Rejected that formed the Impressionist Movement and fueled the burst of creativity that under the label of Modernism carried Western culture for 100 years. Liberated from the dead hand of Narcissistic Collectivism we could achieve great things and confound our enemies.

If the Australians and Israelis and British and Hondurans and Poles etc did get together and achieved amazing things in six months Joe Biden would show claiming it as another triumph for the Obama administration. Audacity has proven to be nothing but chutzpah after taxes.

Carly Simon supposedly wrote "You're So Vain" about either Mick Jagger or Warren Beatty.

She could have done better, although Jagger has a real brain to go with his talent. I still remember the album cover.

My inescapable feeling is that we are going through motions talking abut worthy topics but waiting for an answer on the machinations in Congress that may eviscerate the Constitution. They stumble towards a conclusion like an epileptic carrying dynamite. Is this what it feels like for the child of an alcoholic as they watch an adult weave towards a motor vehicle?

(who thinks the song is about David Geffen)
FWIW the wiki does not agree with you about the song.

(who deleted his comment on Rahm calling activists "retarded")
drooling on your shoe through their broken teeth

Scene setting worthy of Raymond Chandler or Dashiell Hammett.

Barack Obama strikes me as the kind of man who casually wipes his hands on your shirt. Rahm Emanuel is more like the guy who comes up to you and says "Nice watch."

One day some quiet backwater Congressman is going to explode on Rahm and the Capital Police will stand there figuring how slow they can move. His obscenity at supporters that Riehl focuses on was over six months ago. The shower encounter with Massa was more recent.

Surreal, am I commenting on the ghost of a comment?

never make the mistake of thinking ... that a politician won’t stoop to doing it

Politicians are funny people, like everyone else. Specifically they are like Cops who no matter how cynical or tired or even corrupt probably took the job when they still remembered their youthful idealism and wanted to make something better or even protect something innocent or better than themselves. The strangest people may remember the corny cliché and rise to condemn the corrupt bargain. It is not something to plan for but it is a reason to hope. If one that they thought was owned rises to his feet and condemns the game then it could become a stampede. Just as every soldier carries a Marshal's baton in his knapsack so even the most dirty Pols may suddenly fancy themselves as Mr Smith.

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