Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama's Motives

(fm the BC thread "Days of Rage")

This puts paid to the Petreaus for POTUS bubble.

plenty of patriots who will disobey unlawful orders

Be careful, expecting American troops to disobey orders transmitted through the Chain of Command sounds like the magical thinking that expected the SCOTUS to invalidate Obama's election. If an order is transmitted it will be executed. After that the troops may come home changed people and we can speculate as to whether they will be angry at the people who set up the conflict or at the people they attacked.

One of the reasons that I fear there could be a move like this is that I believe that Obama wants to break the US military. Creating moral dilemmas is for him a positive benefit. Who are the biggest supporters of the armed forces? Conservative Christians, who are often more Zionist than Jews are. Another reason the Left hates the military is that it provides Blacks and Hispanics an alternative to the controlled position of dependency in the welfare plantation. As we discussed in the "Nothing is Written" thread the Left fears military competence. Poisoning the military in the eyes of conservative Christians, the repeal of DADT may be part of the same strategy, and driving a wedge between them and minorities are domestic goals for the Left.

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