Saturday, March 27, 2010

Comment on the Belmont Club:
"The Girlie Men"

(a study claims women with better health care prefer less masculine men)

Anderson Cooper is not a metrosexual. He is a homosexual. That is why he knew what he was saying when he started calling people "Tea Baggers."

Most of these problems are simply the result of veneers of learned behaviors that have been imposed over a fairly short time of two to three generations. These are mere affectations that can be easily scraped off if, to mix metaphors, the frog is given reason to jump out of the water. The repudiation of the current monopoly on education by the feminized, a pejorative that did not apply to Albert Shanker, and left wing teacher's unions and the reinstitution of a period of controlled military service would result in a male population less tolerant of ritualized abuse and women more appreciative of men who genuinely like them.

The assignment to this phenomenon of responsibility for the Fall of the Roman Empire without significant supporting evidence stretches credulity. The Romans were tough characters and their critics in the early Christian Church were tough enough to face the lions. The prettified image of them says more about Hollywood in the 20th century than of Rome in the 3rd or of Ravenna in the 4th.

bogie wheel,
What explains the rise of "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy" during the time the troops were fighting in Iraq is probably the smae thing that explains the surge for ratification of the XVIIIth and XIXth Amendments during the First World War and its aftermath. All the men were out of town or busy.

(who introduced fertility rates into the question)
Well said.

Mad Fiddler,
Concur. The only distinguishing physical feature I noticed in the SEALs I met were their wide shoulders. Some were otherwise not particularly large or tough looking. In temperament they tended to project the calm demeanor of the big dog that sees no reason to start a fight, being confident that he can end one. My expectation is that they make excellent Junior High School teachers.

The current crop of urban dilettantes of many sexes are I think less likely to survive if hard times move them to Green Acres then the real Hungarian import Gabor sisters, or the men they gravitated towards, would have.

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