Monday, March 29, 2010

The Girl in the Mirror

(fm the BC thread "The Man in the Mirror")

People see the Other as they wish to and they see in the mirror what they wish to. There is a set of photographs that they showed us down at FLETC, among other similar sets, that had been on display in the New York City Police's Central Booking Unit at the Tombs.

The subject reportedly was brought in for one of her numerous arrests and pointed at the images and said with pride "That's Me." The Instructor was a retired Southern Police Chief and a Minister. When I asked him in horror "How could she?" he looked grave and answered, "You must understand that she only sees herself as the girl in the first photograph. That is who she sees when she looks in the mirror." The first photograph was taken when she was 22 years old and the last was taken a few weeks before her death at age 36.

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