Tuesday, March 02, 2010


(fm the BC thread "The Rumor of War")

(who described a terrorist attack scenario)

Doh! Next will you have the nerve to reveal how vulnerable we would be if every jihadi in America gathered at 7 AM next Monday morning in the big parking lot opposite the entrance to the biggest airbase in Texas? Damn now I did it. You should be subjected to The Terrible Secret of Space, but it has been done already around here.

There are real vulnerabilities I am very concerned about but here I discuss systems and processes. It pleases me to know that much effort has been expended to detect biological or radiological intrusions at key points, and more will always need to be done. Weaponized anthrax remains hard to effectively deliver. Saddam and many others worked on it and while it seems obvious the good news is that so far it is not something that you can do with a pair of subscriptions to Popular Mechanics and Popular Psychotics and The Idiot's Guide to Being an Idiot.

The one thing the 2001 anthrax attacks did achieve was a disruption in mail service and that remains a place where more hardening is needed. Of course Obama is solving that problem by reducing the service offered at a small cost savings. Typical of the Democrats to support starting expensive new programs while cutting back the delivery of service in one of the few parts of government essential to the economy. They are doing so while preserving that shrinking entities legal monopoly on First Class mail and keeping its high labor costs.

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