Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Lantern Rekindled

(fm the BC thread "Days of Rage")

Circling back to the original issue about Arab outrage at the reconstruction of a synagogue they destroyed. Almost 20 years ago I was doing an ACDUTRA in Munich with NavIntel and went up to Berlin for a weekend.

On Friday afternoon I walked into a police station near the Tiergarten and asked at the desk if there was a synagogue. You could hear the pfennig drop in the German cops brain as he came over to me very earnestly and said, "We have Three now" and then supplied me with directions.

The pre-war synagogue was reached from inside an apartment complex courtyard. It was a very beautiful old place. It probably survived because Berlin was never a Nazi city and Jews were more likely to remain safe there, except for street sweeps and Allied bombers or the Red Army coming to visit, than in any other German city. Maybe it needed to be restored but it was not eradicated.

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